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We at Lab Interpretation are thrilled to introduce a new way to think about your body and your health: What’s right, instead of what’s wrong? You’ll learn why you feel amazing, and how to stay that way, instead of waiting for pain to think about arguably the most important aspect of life: health.

When you think about lab testing on humans, most people think about getting a blood test. This is a standard for sure, but there are many other samples that may be used to gather information about our body and what is going on inside there. You can get a standard blood chemistry, but you can also do amino acid (protein) testing, whole blood elements (minerals and toxicity) testing, and many other more specific labs, such as food sensitivity testing. 

You can also learn a lot from gathering saliva for genetic testing, urine for environmental toxins and organic acids (how the body is metabolizing what you eat and drink), and hair for heavy metals.

We will start with Tier One testing. The tests included in the Tier One panel are a comprehensive blood chemistry, whole blood elements blood test, vitamin D bloodspot, and an urine collection that looks for environmental toxicity and organic acids  .

The comprehensive blood chemistry is going to include a chemistry panel, complete blood count, a lipid panel, a thyroid panel and several extra analytes. We will also send you a bloodspot kit for a Vitamin D check, which is simply a pin-prick to the finger.

The whole blood elements test is going to check for essential trace minerals and toxic metals.

The urine environmental toxicity and organic acid profile is an easy- to-use first morning urine collection. This test will give us information about potential toxicity from things like phthalates, parabens and petrochemicals.

The organic acid test is run from the same collection strips as the environmental pollutant panel. It will give us information about how your body is metabolizing the substances you are ingesting, and if there are metabolic pathways that are not running correctly, which disrupts how your body works.

Here at Lab Interpretation, we will provide a comprehensive Lab Assist Report that will show the analytes (results) of each lab test, areas of concern, along with a list of nutrients to supplement your diet to optimize health. You’ll also have a 20-minute meeting with Mark Schauss to learn more, and to ask any questions you may have.

We are excited to provide you with this insightful information that will ideally provide a roadmap to excellent health for you and a deeper understanding of the importance of health for you and your family. Let’s extend our healthy lives, and not wait for illness to figure out what’s happening in our own bodies.

To learn more about each of the tests in the Tier One and Tier Two labs, click on the link below.

Blood Chemistry

Organic Acid / Environmental Pollutant Panel

Whole Blood Elements

Amino Acids

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